Commercial & Industrial

Mainline Plumbing are service providers for Rheem Australia and Sola Edwards Adelaide.  This makes Mainline Plumbing accredited Service Provider for Edwards Commercial Hot Water Systems and Rheem Commercial Hot Water Systems including the Guardian Warm Water System.  Mainline Plumber can perform routine preventative maintenance for accreditation schedules including reports, service, repairs and replacement work.

General Maintenance

From a dripping tap to a leaking cistern, no job is too small or too large.

Burst Water Pipes

From 15mm to 150mm mains in any type of piping system or material.

Hot Water Services

We service all types and brands of hot water services – gas, electric, solar, low pressure, mains pressure or instantaneous.

Back Flow Prevention

SA Water Mandatory testing and reporting.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Approved and licensed to test and recalibrate mixing valves.

Mainline Plumbing has clients throughout South Australia From Ceduna to Pinnaroo – Roxby Downs to Kangaroo Island & Everywhere in between

Equipment Configurations


  • Edwards GXC/HM250 Warm water System
  • Edwards LEX120/8 Australis Solar Panel Solar Contribution System.
  • SEA 150 Ultra Violet Disinfection Units.

Bedford Park

  • GXC100/Heatmate250, LEX500/44Panels
  • LEX200/8 x Heatmate250, LEX200 x 4/76 Panels
  • GXC150/5 x Heatmate250,LEX400/50Panels
  • GXC150/2 x Heatmate250,LEX200 x 2/40 Panels
  • LEX200/3 x Heatmate250/LEX200/34 Panels


  • Edwards GXC / Rheem CCF Internal Hot Water Service
  • Edwards GXC / Heatmate 250 Warm Water System
  • Edwards LEX 120 / 10 Panel Solar Contribution System
  • Edwards GXC 50 Heat Transfer System


  • Edwards Heatmate250/ 2 x SV325 Hot Water System
  • Edwards LEX 120/20 Australis Solar Panel Solar Contribution System

Oaklands Park

  • 3 x L 305 pre heaters
  • 4 x Comfort 300 in line

Olympic Dam, Roxby Downs

  • Edwards HEV330/1000 Forced Draft Hot Water Units


  • Edwards GX / Edwards Hot Water Service
  • Edwards GX / Heatmate 250 Warm Water System
  • Edwards LEX 350 / 24 Panel Solar Contribution System

Rose Park

  • Edwards SS300 / HM250 Hot Water Systems